Welcome to HighTail Farms, LLC! We're a small farm located in Hammond, Louisiana. We are dedicated to providing people with ethically raised and humanely processed pastured poultry and sheep, fresh eggs, and raw meat for pet food.

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About Us

It all started with a handful of ducks ...

We are a couple of folks who like to get our hands dirty and don't feel happy having people do things for us. We started raising some ducks in New Orleans for fun. When our flock outgrew the yard we decided to move to a more rural location and expand our operations. We're still learning a lot, sometimes the hard way, but we're doing our best to provide local restaurants, individuals, and pet owners with high quality pastured meats. While we might not take part in any organic certification programs, we try to stick to as many all-natural methods as we can to make sure you experience the true taste of good, nutritious food.

We like showing people what we do and how we do it and don't have a lot to hide. If you ever want to come to the farm for a pickup of an order and want to see the place, feel free to ask!

Contact Us

For all orders or inquires, please contact us at orders@hightailfarms.com or contact Anthony by phone at (504) 383-5759. Please understand that we may not be able to answer your call immediately, but we make every effort to return all calls and answer all e-mails as soon as we have the opportunity to do so!


  1. Anthony what's a duck frame? everything but the breast?
    Laura Pipitone

  2. do you have any of those black fence panels and post left that you would possibly sell?