Welcome to HighTail Farms, LLC! We're a small farm located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We are dedicated to providing people with ethically raised and humanely processed pastured poultry and sheep, fresh eggs, and raw meat for pet food. We are currently not producing any products for sale.

Please follow the links in the top bar for more information on our products and their availability. Continue reading below for our blog where we detail the adventures of raisin' animals and whatnot.

Pet Food

We are now producing the following ground meats as pet food: quail, rabbit, chicken, turkey, duck. All consist of raw ground meat, bone, and organs. These are available on a limited basis only. Please contact us at orders@hightailfarms.com if you are interested!

About Our Pet Food

We have five dogs and four cats that are all fed on a raw diet, so we understand how important it is to have access to good, natural meat for your pets. While the quail and rabbit are specifically used for pet food, we also use the duck, chicken, and turkey for pet food as well.

Our standard product is ground meat, bone, and organs, sold in one pound (16 oz.) packages. However, if you use a whole prey model diet or would prefer to purchase whole meat for pet food, we are happy to meet your needs! Contact us for any special orders.

We don't sell anything that we wouldn't feed to our own dogs so we ensure that much care is taken in the processing and grinding of pet food meat. Although not for human consumption, the same care that we put into our meats for humans goes into preparing our pet food products. They are our lifelong friends, companions, family, and coworkers (at least on our farm!) and we think they deserve the best.

Raw Pet Food Diet Information

If you want to read more on raw pet food diets, below are some excellent links! Make sure to consult your veterinarian before changing your pet's diet.


Retailer Information

Are you a veterinary office or retailer that would like to carry our product? Please contact us at orders@hightailfarms.com.


  1. Finally, legit raw ground meat products for my dog! I once fed him with dog food I just found online, and later that night, I just found myself borrowing dog shampoo for itchy skin for his allergies. I never tried the product again. Good thing I found this site. Thanks!

  2. We gave our three Chihuahuas the doggy treats you guys make from goats milk; and they loved them, it was a nice crunchy chew that they couldn't just swallow. Love it.

  3. Good work Admin nice post thanks for share