Welcome to HighTail Farms, LLC! We're a small farm located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We are dedicated to providing people with ethically raised and humanely processed pastured poultry and sheep, fresh eggs, and raw meat for pet food. We are currently not producing any products for sale.

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In January we obtained three rabbits to form the foundation of our meat rabbit breeding stock.

Our buck, Bigwig, a New Zealand.

Our does, Hyzzy (short for Hyzenthlay), a Californian (left) and Clover (right), a New Zealand.

We're in the process of looking at various plans to build rabbit tractors, or mobile pens that will allow them constant access to pasture.  Not only is this good for the rabbits, but their droppings will fertilize the lawn to ensure that rich pastures grow back in their place.

Our first tractor!

Unfortunately, state law does not permit us to sell and process rabbit on the farm for human consumption. In fact, there are no state-approved facilities for processing rabbit (or quail) for human consumption. We are, however, able to supply rabbit as pet food.  As we feed our own dogs and cats a raw diet, we understand the importance of having access to high quality, natural meats for our animal companions.

Please see our page on Pet Food for more information!

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