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Monday, March 19, 2012

Farm Magic

See that rake in my hand? 

That rake is proof that our little farm has it's own kind of magic. 

Part of our contract with the previous buyer was that he was welcome to leave anything farm-related on the property that he wanted, and ever since we moved here, we have been finding things. 

Not just random things though. It seems like the minute I turn to look for something, the minute I think of something I need, I find that very thing tucked away behind a pen or buried in a stand of grass. Stuff like extension cords, poultry feeders and waterers, fencing, and even tools. 

The day we started went out to rent the tiller for the garden, I was kicking myself for not picking up a rake. Halfway through the day what should I come across while walking through the field, but a rake just laying on the ground waiting for me to find it. 

The fact that the handle broke a few hours later does not take much away from the magic of its finding.  

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