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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weaning Gwen

 For a long time now, we have been cutting back the frequency of Gwen's nursing on Thea. From twice a day to once to every other then every third day. Well, she just recently turned four months old, so we figured it was high time the girl was weaned completely.

 As you can see, she barely fits under Thea already. She actually half fell off the stand after this picture was taken.

 She will still get a bowl full of goat chow twice a day when the other goats get milked, and she has access to enough scrubby, bushy pasture to keep any goat happy.

The next big step in her little goaty life will be when she gets to be an adult, and we breed her. Goats don't come into milk until they are bred and give birth. Today Big Onion and I talked about the fact that we will probably have to find a different goaty boyfriend for our little Gwen than for the other girls.

We plan on trying to find a nice Nubian to bred to Thea and Josie so that we can increase the milkfat in the next generation. Unfortunately, it looks like little Gwen is going to stay very little (about the same size as Jenni pictured below). I guess next year we'll be in the market for a handsome Nigerian dwarf buck as well.

Jenni just wishes we'd stop making such of a fuss over the little whipper snapper and give her her breakfast!

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