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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Luna brag

Luna just picked up my dropped stock stick and handed it to me!!

We were letting the goats graze the backyard and after weeks of running, yelling, and waving a stick to keep the girls from eating our blueberry bushes, I finally got smart and parked Luna under them. Now, Luna may seem like a sweet, love-bug of a dog to you and me, but to livestock, she is a scary, scary wolf out to get you. I've seen this Sheltie move stock with just a look. 

Well, it worked like a charm. One look at that  blueberry guarding wolf and Josie and Jenni steered very clear. The goat gals grazed on various things for a while then headed back to their pen. Luna and I closed them in and as we were walking back to the house, I dropped my stock stick. 

Without a word, Luna scooped it up and handed it to me. We had a giant party with lots of "LUNA WHAT A GOOD GIRL!!!" and pets, and I actually got her to do it a couple more times. I didn't even care about the teeth marks that my iron jawed beast was putting in the stick. 

This is a really big deal considering the dog is 6 years old, and I have been trying to teach this behavior since day one. The other dogs can do it. She just seems to have a mental block about this one thing. Hopefully she has finally got it. 

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