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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gone Pear Shaped

We finally got the CAE results back for Josie and sure enough she's got it too. Luckily she's not showing any symptoms yet. Of course, this means if she is pregnant, we need to pull her babies and bottle feed them. It also means we need to find a clean source of colostrum and goat milk. I'd rather  not raise the babies on the goat equivalent of formula if I can help 

I know they say you can't tell if a goat is pregnant just by her shapes, but goat folks out there, what do you think? She was supposedly bred mid-February just before we got her.


  1. With a goat that would be barely to 3 months I think you would have to be psychic to tell.

    1. They only gestate for 5 months or so. If the seller was accurate on dates, she should be due around July 11th.

  2. It should drop the last week of June then you can see. Should give you a few weeks notice.