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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Future egg layers of America

 I had every intention of draping the goats with beads yesterday and taking some fun Mardi Gras pics, but the weather was so gross both the goats and myself preferred to stay indoors. Sorry! Let me at least wish everyone a belated Happy Mardi Gras! 


 Even through this nasty, cold winter, we have been doing very well with egg sales. We have a wonderful group of customers who are happy to purchase every egg we can produce. With that and the fact that some of our girls out there are looking at their third year of laying in mind, we decided to invest in some new egg laying hens for the future. 

  These pretty little gals are brown leghorns. They are supposed to be one of the best egg laying breeds out there with the bonus that they don't tend to interrupt their laying with trying to sit on a nest. They also lay large, white eggs which will add a little variety to our current brown layers.  

 We were lucky to find them at our local feed store and so far they are all healthy and growing like gangbusters. They seem a little more high strung and spooky than most of the chicks that we have raised in the past. Hopefully they will settle down as they age and in a few months we'll be able to add their contributions to our cartons!  

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