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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Front yard vegetable gardening

 Over the weekend I built two more raised beds from pallets for the front yard vegetable garden. We've got beans and peas out there, also tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, squash, and potatoes. Eventually I'd like to have a full two rows of beds out there.
  Despite the face that we have about 8 acres of pasture, gardening in the front yard makes sense for us because it is away from hungry goat mouths and scratching poultry feet. This area also gets full sun all day long. It may not be pretty, but over the winter we made many a meal from the cabbages and broccoli growing out front.

 The potato plants are growing like crazy in the deepest and biggest containers I could get my hands on. I'm hoping we'll have luck growing them like this, though I suspect that we will end up with some oddly shaped tubers.

  I seem to be having a problem with some kind on fungus on the cucumbers and squash. I've been spraying them with a diluted milk solution that 'the interweb' swears works on this sort of thing. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

 Proof that I can, in fact, grow tomatoes. Every year, I dream of bumper crops of tomatoes that I can turning into a pantry full of canned sauces and salsas. Every year, our tomato crop just flops. Not this year, darn it! This year out motto is tomatoes or bust!


  1. love this, Nelson and I were admiring your crops as we left today. Thanks again for the wonderful pleasure of meeting you and stepping into your world. We will be back.

  2. I saw someone using pallets for gardening on Pinterest. They left theirs intact, filled in between the slats with dirt, then planted their veggies in the rows between the slats. It's supposed to keep the weeds to a minimum. If I could get my hands on some pallets, I would try that.

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