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Friday, May 10, 2013

Home grown

Things out in the garden are doing well. The raised garden beds turned out to be a great idea with our less than super soil. I have been buying a combination of the cheapest dirts at Lowes (organic compost, hummus, and top soil) and mixing it with all the sheep and rabbit poop I can load into my garden cart and drag up to the front yard.  The neighbors probably think I'm crazy stirring up a giant pile of dirt and poop on a regular basis, but the veggies are growing like gangbusters. A couple weeks ago, we got to enjoy of the fruits (well, veggies) of my labor...

 Behold the brussel sprouts! 

I tried for years and years to grow these pesky vegetables and never had one lick of luck growing even one single sprout. I had actually sworn off the things completely, refusing to even attempt to grow them for many years. I would classify this stalk as a minor success considering it was the only one of the 6 plant I had out there to make anything resembling brussel sprouts. 

I also managed to grow a respectable number of turnips from seed despite my complete failure to thin the patch once the seeds had sprouted.

Our dinner that night was all things grown right here on the farm. One of our delicious chickens with steamed brussel sprouts and roasted turnips. It's a really good feeling to sit down to a meal where I know exactly how everything was grown and raised. Plus all this homegrown goodness just tastes way better than anything you can buy in the stores!

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