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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Breeding like Rabbits

  I can finally say that our rabbits are breeding like rabbits! With the addition of two new (and huge!) does, we are up to six breeding females. This feels like a good number for us. The grow out pen in the backyard is full of Clover and T's last litter. Zinny and Primrose are each nursing litters of their own.

  Hopefully we can finally start to meet the demand of rabbit meat for pet food, and maybe save a few for us to eat as well! Pictured above is one of the newest does. We are calling her Haystack. All our rabbits are named after Watership Down characters, and honestly, there are only so many decent female names in that book.

This is Nyreem, the other new female. She is very, very protective of her new litter. She actually rushes the front of the cage when I just walk by. Not the most desirable of traits in a doe.

  The lady I got her from was kind enough to breed Nyreem to her big black buck before sending her off with us. The litter is an interesting combination of black and white bunnies. There is even one with a grey back, white belly, and white on this inside of his/her ears. I think our eventual plan will be to phase out some of our smaller white does in favor of a couple of larger, colored females. We may end up waiting for Haystack's litter since Nyreem's temperament is such a nightmare, and it has been our experience that this sort of thing is inherited.

 This is Primrose's litter just before their eyes started opening.

I swear this little guy is still alive, just very, very relaxed.

We are getting into a really good cycle of breeding our does in pairs, letting them kindle (give birth) in cages inside the poultry house. When the babies eyes are all open and they are starting to hop around the cage, we move momma and babies to one of the outside tractors. When it comes time to wean, the babies are then moved to the big backyard pen where they have tons of space and all the grass they care to nibble. Not only does this cut back on feed cost, but I think we are raising healthier and happier bunnies!

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  1. Can't seem to get into the order2 website, to place an order for rabbit cages and organs etc. will try again as I am almost out of duck, can I possibly pick up in Metairie?