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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don't Fear the Reaper

This is how we mow the backyard these days - with a scythe and a rake (not sure how the gas can got there).

Since, we will soon be getting a real live riding mower, Big Onion and I have been putting off cutting the lawn. It got a little...overgrown. Instead of wasting all that perfectly good goat food, I hauled out my christmas present to myself and got to swinging. It's hard, hot work but extremely satisfying. I even managed to cut my hand on the blade while showing Big Onion how NOT to sharpen it. It's tasted first blood! That can't be good.

As usual, Josie was less than impressed with our efforts. 

Thanks to Ohiofarmgirl for the inspiration to invest in my own reaper's blade and make our own hay for earless goats!

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