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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tractor Turkeys

 The young turkeys are growing very quickly. After our last rabbit processing day, the big tractor was without tenants. We decided it would be good to get the little poults out and in the grass early so they have now taken up residence in the rabbit tractor.

 Turkeys are such weird little creatures. They are nothing like little chickens or ducklings. They are much more curious and intelligent.

 They make all these very specific whistles and calls. It has gotten to the point that we can tell just by listening if they are happy, sad, or even out of food or water.

The adult turkeys and guineas are completely fascinated by the babies and all the noises that they make.

Meanwhile, the adult turkeys have started displaying. Right now we have two toms and two hens. So far the two toms have been getting along and not fighting, but come Thanksgiving, we'll be issuing a pink slip to one of these guys and inviting him to dinner.

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