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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Francesca and Lucia

Early last week, I got the baby girls out for more pictures.

 They are doing great! They are by far the most active, inquisitive, and fastest growing kids we have ever had.

 Poor little Francesca bumped into Sonny, our 13 year old mostly deaf sheltie, while he was sleeping, and he nipped her in the face before realizing what was happening. She ended up with cuts on her nose and the side of her mouth, but both are healing just fine. The wounds didn't slow her ability to put away a bottle of milk like it's nobody's business!

The ever watchful shepherd. 

 Rialey keeps a close eye on her baby goats. She has finally learned that it's ok for them to run around and jump on things and that they don't need constant knocking down and grooming.

 The girls are building up their guts by nibbling on dirt and gnawing on tree stumps. We have a bowl of goat chow and chopped alfalfa for them to munch on in the house. It won't be long before they start really chowing on greens outside.

OK, can we go back in now?

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