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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garden Fail

 All I can say is it's a good thing we have a knack for raising animals because where it comes to gardens, I seem to have at the very least a brown if not completely black thumb. It's bad enough that I had to resort to using the lawnmower to weed the damn thing.

Last weekend, I decided to mix up a batch of garden spray to try and thwart some of the powdery mold and various other ailments that seemed to be taking over the vegetables. It was totally a concoction of my own crazy imagination that included baking soda, cooking oil and dawn dishwashing liquid. I sprayed the garden on a hot, dry Monday. I had to work the following two days, which were also very hot and very dry. I also totally forgot to water the garden those two days. Well, by Thursday it was obvious that that my spray was a failure of epic proportions.

 I completely killed all of the tomato plants, 2 of the 3 squash were dead, and the cucumbers were totally toast. The pepper plants and the tomatillo miraculously survived, and I think just maybe some of the cantaloupe are going to pull thru.

 The good news is I did not spray the watermelons which are taking over a good chunk of the garden and are growing melons left and right. Oh well, I guess we can chalk this one up to a learning experience. Oops!


  1. I think it was the cooking oil that killed your plants, too hot and sunny during our summers.

  2. Yeah, that's kinda what I figured. I fried them.