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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snip and the Boonducklings

I'd like to introduce a few of the newest members of our flock...

 This is Snip. We think Snip is a Golden 300 hybrid. She is staying with us for the summer while her "mother" teaches at a summer camp up north.

 Snip was raised as a pet duck so she has a ton of personality. From the moment she got here, she let everyone in the flock know she was not to be trifled with by chasing the goslings around and not putting up with any crap from the larger poultry. She has her own little unique sideways head-bob threat display that always makes me crack up. She also loves to stand right at my feet when I am tossing out scratch for the rest of the flock to mop up any dropped morsels and get a mouthful right from my hand.

 Turkey photo-bomb! 

 Our other new additions are this group of 6 Cayuga mix ducklings. They hatched in a friend of a work client's backyard in New Orleans a few weeks ago. After a visit to our farm, their owner decided this would be an ideal place for the "Boonducks" to live.

 They came to us as little black and white fluff and pen feather messes, and they were totally terrified of everything. After a week in a raised cage to grow some size and some feathers, we integrated them with the youngest ducks of our flock who were easily twice their size.

It wasn't long before this group started coming out of their shell. Nowadays, they seem to be everywhere roaming around the fields and taking over prime kiddy pool real estate. This week, I even saw them chasing around fully grown geese, chickens, and even turkeys!

I suspect this group is going to be trouble someday soon!

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