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Friday, July 18, 2014

Blazing Kitty

   I just wanted to share these pictures I got of our barn cat, Blaze. He seems to be doing a very good job of rodent control because we haven't seen hide nor hair (nor chewed feed bags nor turds) of any living little critters in a very long time. Though he was nice enough to leave the top half of a giant rat in the middle of the pasture for me to happen upon last week. Yick!

  Just like our last barncat, Blaze spends a lot of time hanging out on top of the poultry pens. We've even started feeding him up there since the goats won't let him in the milk room for dinner without taking a chomp at his passing tail. He likes to follow us around as we feed birds and gather eggs, and he will occasionally reach down and give us a pat, pat, pat on the head as we go by. Nice to know the barn cat thinks we are doing good work, I suppose.

  He and Rialey have the funniest relationship. If he is out in the pasture, she will rush at him at top speed and give chase until the kitty climbs up on top of something. You'd think the poor thing young be terrified of the crazy cat chasing puppy, but the next thing you know he's down and rubbing all over Rialey. He rubs his face on her legs and walks under her belly while she sniffs him head to toe and licks his face. Animals are weird.

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