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Friday, September 21, 2012

Growing chickens

  Our little chicks that hatched from The Great Incubation are slowly and steadily growing up. We moved them outside about a week ago they are having a great time scratching for bugs and munching on grass.

They all came from our giant white cornish rooster, Fernando, and a mix of ameraucana and wyandotte hens. It's amazing to see the different colors that resulted from this cross. We had planned on just raising this batch for meat, but now we are pretty tempted to keep some of the prettier girls as egg layers. We are hoping to get enough chicken eggs to be able to sell to local restaurants. We just don't know if the cornish half of these guys will keep them from being good layers.

This guy is NOT a keeper. 

We aren't sure if this is the results of a birth defect or a freak accident then he was young, but aside from looking derpy and slightly hilarious, this little guy does just fine. He is always the first to the feeder and on the day we took this pic, he actually flew up onto Big Onion's shoulder looking for food!

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