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Monday, September 17, 2012

Gwen and Hunter BFFs 4ever

We've had an interesting and adorable inter-species relationship developing here on the farm in the last few weeks. Our Gwendolyn the goat and Hunter, our new barn cat, have become the best of friends.

When Gwen is out of her pen, Hunter is always with her. I suspect they originally bonded over a love of milk. When I put Thea up on the milk stand, Gwen gets to nurse her fill then Hunter gets a few squirts into his bowl then the two would hang around together while I finished the milking. Now one is hardly found without the other. If Gwen starts crying out for any reason, Hunter will come running, even braving a backyard full of dogs to be with his buddy.

Yesterday, I watched him follower her around the pasture while she grazed on grass and he hunted bugs and field mice. One day I got home from work to find Hunter IN the pen with Gwen and Thea, and I have no idea how he got in there!

 Mostly the two just like to lounge around and nibble on each other. Gwen chews on his tail...

 Hunter attacks her tail....

... and a particular favorite for both cat and goat is when Gwen nibbles on Hunter's ears. I swear one day we are going to go out to find a one eared cat, they do it all day long!

Here's a little video I got today of the two buddies bonding.

Could you just die of cute?!

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  1. This is why I love being an Aunt to baby Gwen the goat!!!! Gwen!!!