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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Want more cute? We got it in spades!

 The lambs have been spending their days out in the sunny backyard in hopes they will figure out how to graze like real sheep and stop going through so much milk! I cannot believe how fast they are growing.

 Apparently growing into a sheep is seriously hard work. Is that a giant pile of cute or what?! (I suggest clicking on the pic for the larger version so you can drown in all the d'aww)

I've been found out! The minute they see me all the lambs hop up, start calling, and run in my direction. I'd better have some milk or be prepared to be mugged by all the cuteness.


  1. Hi Kaela, found you all on Local Harvest website. Looks like we have common interest. We are raising sheep as well, St. Croix hair sheep. Just wanted to say hi, Love your blog. Would love to chat with you someday. Are you bottle feeding those adorable lambs?

  2. Hey there! Anthony here. We're bottle feeding, but using one of those "lamb bars". Makes life a LOT easier. Some of the weaker ones that we think may be up to a week or so younger than the others are being fed separately just to make sure they're getting enough. The bigger lambs definitely hog the milk!

    Where are you located at? Always wonderful to find like-minded folks!

    1. actually up the road, lol.....we're in Franklinton

    2. Oh awesome! Super close! We should definitely meet up and talk sometime! Looks like from your blog (which is fantastic, by the way!) that you've been at this a bit longer than us. We could definitely use some pointers, especially when it comes to pasture management. (I was just reading your post about the seed driller!)

      Also, there's a woman we know in Loranger who was looking into getting some St. Croix, I believe. Let me know when or if you have some lambs for sale and I can pass you her contact info.

    3. Awesome, we have four ewes expecting to lamb this spring. Pass her our contacts and i will keep you posted on the lambing. We only had one ewe last spring who gave birth to twins with no problems. She is a Katahdin as far as we know, she was purchased to keep our purebred St. Croix ram company till we were able to purchase purebred ewes,which we got this summer. So im not that experienced with this. Im anxious for lambing time, and hope everything goes well. You can email me anytime on questions, and maybe we can help each other. Thanks.........Sheryl