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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bunny Birth Announcement!

 I've very happy to report that after a long and somewhat baffling hiatus, we are back in the rabbit rearing business. These are the first litters we have had in at least 6 months. Not that we were trying very hard to make more rabbits during that time. We were slightly distracted rearing baby goats and planning a wedding.

  Primrose and T chose some of the coldest nights of the year to kindle (give birth), but thankfully, both are experienced moms who delivered all their babies in the nest box (not on the bar of the cage which sometimes happens) and both lined their nests with lots of their own fur for warmth.

Our T is raising a litter of 7 all white, fat, healthy bunnies.

Primrose has 8 babies, and all are white....

except this grey behemoth who is roughly twice the size of his litter mates and full of spit and vinegar!

Our Holly had her first litter of 5 one very cold night about a week after the other two girls. Her litter was a bit of a surprise as we figured her breeding didn't take, and she wasn't show any signs of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, one of her kits died just a day or two after birth. This bunny was tiny from the start. It seems with just about every litter you are likely to lose one or two at the start, especially with a first time mom.

As you can see, Holly is a very good and protective mom. She padded her nest with lots of fur and is in her nest box nursing those babies regularly.

I can't wait for these bunnies to get big enough for the outdoor pens. That's when the real fun starts!

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  1. So Sweet and fuzzy! The fur lined beds look so comfy cozy...