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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Down in the dirt

 Unfortunately the tomato and potato crops were a bust this year. We got a nasty case of blight that quickly spread throughout the garden and caused all the tomatoes to rot on the vine. The potato plants all just wilted and died.

 With very little hope, I dumped the pots of soil where there should have potatoes still happily growing. The first four pots had empty potato skins and these disgusting yellow slimy things  that I guess used to be potatoes before things went horribly wrong. I had lost hope completely by the time I got to the last pot.

Behold my five potatoes! 

Lo and behold the last pot had just a few good tubers and a bunch of tiny mini-pots! At least my container potato experiment was not a complete failure. Next year, I think I will be doing some very proactive anti-fungal spraying. 

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