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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gobble, gobble!

According to some folks, the world comes to an end on December 21, 2012. That means this Thanksgiving just might be the last one. So make it a special one and buy a locally raised, pastured turkey!

We're taking orders now for Thanksgiving turkeys. While I may have grumbled a bit before about raising Broad Breasted White turkeys -- the commercial variety that tend to grow way too fast -- we picked some up with the intention of selling them as small, young turkeys. We cannot give a definite on the final weight of these turkeys, but at the rate they are growing they should come in around 10-12 lbs. This is the perfect size for a small family or small gathering of friends. We have four available for pre-order. We also have 1 larger bronze turkey (pictured above) available that should weigh in the 15-18lb range. 

The turkeys are $3.50/lb. As usual with our turkeys we will gladly cut up and package any way you like, although you must buy the whole bird. There is a $2.00 fee if you would like the neck and giblets. Pickup at the farm is preferred, but we will gladly make deliveries in the surrounding areas for a $5.00 fee. The turkeys will be available for pickup on Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving, November 20. Deliveries will be made on Wednesday, November 21. The birds being picked up or delivered will be fresh, not frozen: we want to give you the best farm-to-table experience possible!

Our turkeys -- no matter what the breed -- are pastured daily. Even with small poults (young turkeys) we make every effort to give them daily access to some amount of pasture. Once large enough, they have free roam of the pasture. Pasturing them provides you with a far superior turkey than you could buy in the grocery store.

E-mail orders@hightailfarms.com to place your order. Remember, we only have a limited amount, so get your orders in!

UPDATE: Corrected my wrong dates! Pickups can happen on the 20th. Deliveries on the 21st!

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