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Monday, October 1, 2012

Too Many Toms

If you're raising turkeys for meat you generally don't have to worry about genders since they usually go to slaughter before they meet sexual maturity.  If you're keeping them for breeding, as we are with these bronze turkeys, then you really have to limit yourself to one tom to about five hens. Multiple toms in a small group like this one (which is made up of only six turkeys) means some infighting may occur. This means the extra tom, in this case, the smaller of the two, will hopefully end up in someone's oven.

Looking for some fresh turkey? Give us a shout at orders@hightailfarms.com! We sell our turkeys for $3.75/lb and will cut it up and package however you like (whole, quarters, pieces, etc). Neck and giblets for an extra $2.00. This fellow probably weighs around 14-16 lbs dressed, just to give you an idea of size. 


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    1. They're there, just short. The ones I've seen on these toms are just an inch or so.