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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gwen's day out

Since she was born, Gwen has had this little cough. She aspirated fluid when she was first born and never could get totally rid of the cough. It always seems to happen after she is nursing and occasionally in the morning. Since she was fine and healthy otherwise, we kept watching and hoping it would go away. It finally made me nervous enough to pack her up and take her to visit our local large animal vet yesterday. 

 Gwen rode in the car like a champ. I just tethered her by the collar to keep her from jumping into my lap while I was driving. She walked into the vet's office on leash, got on the scale and stood still, then quietly waited with me until it was our turn. Heck, she was better behaved than most of the dogs that come into our office.

The vet gave her a thorough exam, and I am happy to report that little Gwen has been given a clean bill of health. Heart and lungs are clear. Apparently, it's pretty common for goats to carry a bug that makes them cough occasionally, but they are otherwise perfectly healthy so no reason to worry. He said that she was in great condition. He also thinks that she will stay a small goat, only around 40-50lbs.

Everyone in the vet's office just loved her. She was bright and curious and had a great time headbutting one of the receptionist's french bulldog.

Eating rocks outside the feed store.

After the vet visit, we went to the feed store. Gwen decided that the stock guy looked like a good challenge and kept headbutting him in the leg until he squatted down to pet her. It was really funny to watch people double take after thinking the little creature that was happily following me around on leash was a small dog. In the parking lot, one man actually slammed his truck to a halt, rolled down the window and yelled, "Hey! How much for the goat?"

Yeah, our Gwenny is not for sale.  

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